““Transcendence,” for the Chacoans, literally meant “going over” and resisting the temptation to choose an alternate route. Transcendence does not mean distraction from pain and suffering; it means looking it full in the face and thereby robbing it of its power.  ” -From Positive Spirituality in Health Care by Frederic Craigie, Jr., PhD


Song credit: Leon Bridges – River 


Leverage Your Genius

Thank you to Simma Lieberman for speaking about the importance of diversity in the workplace today on NPR’s 1A.

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Image courtesy of Susan C. Pitt, MD. The New Yorker magazine link here.

“The purpose of diversity and inclusion is for more innovation. Some organizations tend to forget that. And sometimes, in Silicon Valley, the focus is only on numbers and not what you do with people when you get them into your organization – how do you leverage their genius? So you can be more innovative? So you can expand your market? When people only focus on numbers, it doesn’t really move us forward.” -Simma Lieberman, Workplace Culture Strategist, Simma Lieberman Consulting

Also, a response to the male Google engineer who implied that women aren’t cut out for the tech industry: Stop Equating “Science” with Truth by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein.

The Target

Too often in medicine, we work with members of the healthcare team who have large targets on their backs. Perhaps you have personally experienced those crosshairs. Why do we form professional cliques? Why do outsiders have targets placed on them? Is this in the best interest of patients?

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The fear that asking for help could cost one her or his career.

A hospital bullies a physician and threatens termination for her disability.