Female Physicians Speaking Up

Elizabeth Raskin, fourth from left, poses for a portrait with colleagues Alicia Teferi, Elisa Bianchi, Valentina Bonev, Maggie Legan, Sharon Lum, Allison Davila, Ann Lin, Kristine Bonnick and Eugenia Kwon, left to right, at the Loma Linda University Medical Center on January, 30, 2018, in Loma Linda, Calif. Raskin says workplace gender equality is a big emphasis at Loma Linda University Medical Center; she hopes other hospitals, health care centers, and institutions will follow suit. Dania Maxwell / for NBC News

One thought on “Female Physicians Speaking Up

  1. Great photo. We are becoming more numerous. I wonder if there is a photo from the late 1980s when we had a woman in every single surgical residency for the first time at LLU.

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