First, SELF

“Physicians, caregivers, administrators and others who are responsible for caring for others often find themselves at risk of stress and burnout. Stress impacts people differently; female physicians have a suicide rate up to four times greater than the national average. Persons who identify with minority groups also face minority stress; African Americans suffer from higher rates of cancer and diabetes than other groups. LGBT persons suffer from higher rates of depression and addiction. As we begin 2018 it’s more important than ever for all of us to continue to identify stress and respond in healthy ways.” – R. Scott Boots, MPA, The Health Cares Exchange Initiative, Inc. 

The Health Cares Exchange Initiative, Inc. ( was founded in Boston nearly three decades ago in response to caregiver stress. HCEI’s seminar “Celebrating Ourselves: Beating Burnout” has been presented to thousands of caretakers around the world. Most people hide stress from others and will rarely ask for help. But when caring people care for themselves first, they care for others better. Please visit to join efforts to support medical students, residents, physicians and caretakers in your community.

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