Happy 2023!

Hi y’all. (I use y’all for a reason, as it is gender neutral. “You guys” is soooo slanted.) It has been TWO years, wow.

On this day, January 1st, 2023, I am committed to writing a Girl Neurosurgeon poem or post on this blog at least one time per day week for the next 365 days. All poems and posts should be considered creative expression and in no way “real.”

It has been a HARD past two years (hence the silence). One day, I may be at liberty to share my story, but for now, enjoy the poetry and content!

All my love to each of you, Girl Neurosurgeon


“Hi! Happy New Year! Are you operating on [Cousin’s name] tomorrow? He is my cousin in room 5N70.”

“Because of HIPAA, I can neither confirm nor deny this. Great to hear from you. Happy new year!”

“Okay, please take great care of him, as I’m sure you will.

He thinks you are a man.”

-Text conversation between two girl neurosurgeons, 1/1/2023

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